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Refurbished Pasquini Livia 90 Automatic Espresso Machine

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Product Description

The Livia 90 automatic espresso machine has the same commercial quality features as the Livia 90 with the added bonus of programmable volume settings. Simple buttons replace manual switches that when pushed will extract the preset amount desired and then stop automatically. It still allows for manual operation if you desire. This refined espresso machine employs sturdy commercial components from Pasquini’s renowned professional line. Automatic water refill and pressure (not temperature) permits the unlimited production of delicious hot Italian espresso every time. A powerful commercial pump and steamer make the Livia 90 Automatic capable of brewing and steaming at the same time! The Livia 90 Automatic can also be combined with other Pasquini products to form the perfect espresso bar for the home or office! Available in Stainless Steel.

Features & Benefits: Coffee

Commercial Size and Style Portafilter Handle


Some of the most crucial elements for producing high quality espresso are influenced by the style, size and construction of the portafilter.


Style: This portafilter is designed like a commercial machine and works in the same way. The coffee is ground fine and is tamped (pressed) firmly into place.

Size: The size of the portafilter is also the same as a commercial machine. Is has a large diameter (58 mm) so that the water is distributed evenly over a wide surface area.

Construction: The portafilter is made up of two parts, the handle and the filter holder. The handle is made of high quality plastic. The heavy chrome plated brass filter holder keeps the temperature stable throughout the entire brewing process, therefore producing a quality cup of espresso.


Commercial Brewing Group


This is the portion of the machine that the portafilter locks into. It is made of chrome plated marine brass which provides a superior brewing environment through maximum heat stability and component longevity.




The Livia 90 Automatic has a huge 1.5 liter copper boiler that will heat up in ten minutes. It can produce continuous espresso and has excellent steaming capacity. The commercial style heat exchange boiler allows you to brew espresso and steam at the same time.


3 Way Solenoid Valve


The three-way solenoid valve is a commercial feature that relieves the water pressure off the coffee when the brew switch is turned off. This serves two functions; it dries out the coffee to prevent dripping and makes it easy to knock the coffee out of the portafilter with one knock.


High Quality Controls with Temperature Ready Light


The Livia 90 Automatic has four buttons and two indicator lights. The button on the left is the main power button When turned on the boiler immediately starts to heat up. There is a group of three buttons on the right side of the machine that control the brewing system. There are two individually programmable buttons that can be programmed to dispense what ever volume of water you need. The third button serves two purposes; it is used to put the machine into the program mode or can be used to turn the pump on and off manually. The orange indicator light next to the main power button is on whenever the heating element in the boiler is on. When the light goes off the machine is at full operating temperature.


Pressure Controller


The boiler temperature/pressure is controlled by an adjustable pressure stat for quick and accurate response. There is a built in gauge that takes an accurate read of the pressure not temperature to ensure the machine is ready to go.


Pressure Relief Valve and Anti Suction Valve


These two valves are very important features to the Livia 90. The pressure relief valve is a safety valve that will open and release pressure in the boiler if it is getting to high. The anti-suction valve prevents the possibility of milk be sucked up through the steam wand and into the boiler therefore contaminating it.


Electronic Controls


The water level in the boiler is controlled by an "Electronic Boiler Refill Control". This control is hooked up to sensors in the boiler and water reservoir. It senses when the water level in the boiler is low and turns the pump on. The pump will take water from the reservoir and pump it into the boiler. It also acts as a safety and turns off the boiler if the level in the reservoir gets to low.


Cup Warmer


Preheating your cups is very important. The Livia 90 Automatic has a stainless steel cup warmer that will hold up to six espresso cups. It is a passive style cup warmer, which means the heat from the boiler heats it.


Features & Benefits: Frothing and Hot Water

Hot Water Dispenser


This is a great feature that makes the Livia 90 one of the most user friendly machines available. Just open the hot water control knob and water ,under pressure, will start to stream out in a 1/2" diameter circular pattern. Perfect for preheating cups, rinsing the filter basket and of course hot water for all of your favorite drinks.


Steam Wand


The Livia 90 Automatic comes equipped with a stainless steel steam wand and a four hole commercial style rosetta steaming tip.


Features & Benefits: Care, Maintenance & Other

Water Reservoir


The large 3.5 liter reservoir can be refilled from the top any time during the operation, allowing for an endless supply of coffee or steam. There is a green indicator light next to the pump which is on when the reservoir is full. When the water level gets to low the boiler will turn off and the indicator light will turn off.


Pod Capable


The Livia 90 Automatic is not pod capable and there is no adapter for this machine.


Back Flush


The Livia 90 Automatic is designed like a commercial machine to be back flushed. This is a system that cleans the brew group, shower screen and three-way solenoid valve. It is a simple process that only takes minutes.


Housing Construction


The construction of this unit is second to none. The highly polished stainless steel exterior panels are held together by a heavy steel frame that is completely powder-coated providing anti-rust protection.

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