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ECM Technika IV Espresso Machine

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Product Description

It's a rare thing to find a machine that seamlessly combines form and function, a feat that has been achieved by ECM's Technika IV espresso machine. From the outside, you'll be drawn to the curved stainless steel housing, front-mounted pressure gauges, and custom grouphead, but it is what you're not seeing that rounds out the entire package. The Technika IV's commercial grade internal components were selected by German engineers at ECM for superior performance and build quality.
Before getting into the internals of the machine, the housing and frame deserve a special mention. Made of curved stainless steel, the Technika IV is gorgeous to look at, but it's important to note that the frame is actually one solid piece. To save money, some companies will weld the drip tray onto the body of their machine. Not content with cutting corners, ECM has actually built the drip tray as part of the frame, making it far more durable. Additionally, the body of the machine has been designed to absorb noise produced by the internal components for a quieter brewing process.
With regards to brewing, the Technika IV uses a 2.1 liter copper, heat exchange boiler and a vibration pump. The heat exchanger allows you to brew and steam at the same time. Similar to the design of commercial machines, the boiler is mounted horizontally by a solid bracket to protect it from from shifting during shipping. The boiler is heated by a 1400 watt heating element and the pump is monitored by a pressure stat. The Technika IV’s water reservoir holds a total of 3 liters of water and is fitted with a sensor that will shut off the boiler automatically to prevent it from running dry. Temperature stability is promoted throughout the machine, not only by the boiler but by the E61 group head and chrome plated brass portafilters as well. The Technika IV comes with both a single and double spouted portafilter, each has been designed with weighted handles to ensure that they remain balanced in your hand.
You'll notice that ECM has emblazoned its seal on the machine. That's because they're as proud to have made it as you'll be to own it.

Balanced Portafilters

One of the first things you'll notice about the portafilters are how balanced they feel in your hand. The weighted end offsets the weight of the basket, keeping you from having to overcompensate with your wrist. On par with commercial grade machines, the Technika IV's portafilters are made of chrome-plated brass for increased temperature stability.

Durable Stainless Steel Construction

ECM refers to the Technika as the Rolls-Royce of semi-automatic machines, and for good reason. The housing is made entirely of stainless steel, and has been smoothed and curved on the edges, resulting in a sleek and streamlined machine. ECM wasn't content with simply welding the drip tray onto the machine, it's actually part of the frame for enhanced durability and build quality.

Monitored Water Reservoir

The ample water reservoir holds nearly 3 liters or 101 ounces of water, allowing you to pull shot after shot without having to refill. To prevent your boiler from running dry, the reservoir is fitted with a sensor that will automatically switch off the boiler to keep it from running when the water level gets too low.

Horizontally Mounted Heat Exchange Boiler

Similar to a commercial machine, the 2.1 copper liter boiler is mounted horizontally by a solid bracket. The heat exchanger allows the Technika IV to brew and steam at the same time and the boiler is heated by a 1400 watt element for a consistent brew temperature of approximately 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

Sirai Pressure Stat and Brew Pressure Gauge

Brew pressure is monitored with a commercial grade Sirai pressure stat and can be viewed on the gauge on the front of the machine. Brew pressure can also be adjusted via a switch located on the bottom of the machine.

Insulated Steam and Hot Water Wands

To help prevent accidental burns, both the steam and hot water wands have been insulated to keep them from getting too hot too quickly. The steam wand sports a two-hole tip, ideal for frothing milk for lattes and cappuccinos. The hot water wand can dispense water for tea, cocoa, Americanos, and more.

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