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Bunn NHBX Contemporary 10 Cup Coffee Brewer

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Product Description

With the Bunn NHBX, café-quality brewing is en vogue. The Bunn NHBX Generation Home Brewer has all of the features you’ve come to expect from Bunn, all elegantly housed in your choice of white or black casing with stainless steel accents. Using its pourover design, this Bunn machine brews up to 10 cups of coffee in just 3 minutes: the ideal brewing time for proper extraction. Also setting the NHBX apart from the rest of the pack is its porcelain-coated heating plate that provides even heat for the coffee maker’s glass carafe.

After initial set-up, the NHBX is always ready to brew.
 When you first receive your new Bunn machine, it will take 15 minutes for the boiler to heat its first carafe of cold, fresh water. After that initial brew, you can leave the NHBX on all day, every day and its brewing time will measure just 3 minutes for 10 cups of coffee. There is also a vacation switch on the side of the NHBX that shuts the electrical components of the machine off. Use this switch whenever you’re going to be away from the coffee maker for 3 days or more. When you turn the machine back on, it will take 15 minutes for the machine to reheat.

The actual brewing process is very simple to complete. Simply place a paper filter and coffee in the brew funnel, pour at least 4 cups of water into the reservoir and close the water reservoir lid. The machine will automatically start brewing into the waiting decanter, and in a few impressive instants, your coffee is ready.

You’ll cherish the fast brewing time and high quality coffee produced by the NHBX. Bunn’s sprayhead is designed for even wetting and extraction from your grounds, so the coffee produced by this coffee maker is always full-bodied, aromatic, and delicious. Just because this machine provides great extraction doesn’t mean it takes forever to complete its brewing cycle. In only 3 minutes, the NHBX will have up to 10 cups of your favorite coffee ready to drink.

The NHBX is designed for years of dependable and excellent service. This Bunn coffee maker is made of heavy-duty plastic and stainless steel, so you know it’s built to last. Plus, its sleek and modern appearance will look great in any kitchen.

The NHBX holds up to 50 oz and has an easy-to-grip plastic handle. The glass carafe of the NHBX has a 10 cup capacity, making serving easy for a crowd or just your morning cup of coffee. Coffee pours directly from the funnel and through the decanter lid for clean, spill-free brewing.

The fast-acting boiler always has hot water ready to brew. 
Because the NHBX doesn’t need to be shut off on a daily basis, water is always heated to the ideal brewing temperature of 200°. The only times this Bunn coffee maker will need time to heat are during the machine’s initial set-up and right after the vacation switch has been used.

Hot Plate: 
The porcelain hot plate will ensure your coffee won’t be burning up. 
A simple switch on the top of the machine controls the porcelain hot plate on the NHBX. This superior coating will evenly heat the glass carafe, however, for the best taste, coffee should not be left on the warmer for more than 30 minutes.

A swiveling lid on the top of the machine provides access to the reservoir. 
The NHBX has a pourover design, meaning whenever you pour fresh, cold water into the reservoir and close the lid, the cold water pushes already-heated water out of the boiler and into the brew funnel. This efficient design takes the guesswork out of the brewing process. Plus, by having the reservoir lid located at the front of the machine rather than the back, you’ll have easy access wherever you put the machine.

Water Filtration: 
The Bunn NHBX does not have a water filtration system.
 To avoid lime and calcium build up on your machine and to produce the best-tasting coffee, we recommend the use of filtered water. You could use bottled water or water you have filtered yourself using a tap or pitcher filter.

Coffee Filter: 
For the best results with this coffee maker, Bunn paper filters should be used. 
To avoid overflow and for the best filter fit, Bunn has created their own line of oxygen-processed paper filters for the ideal coffee extraction.

The NHBX comes with a deliming spring to remove build-up from lime and calcium deposits. Every few months, you should insert the included deliming spring into the sprayhead tube to clean out any build-up that may be obstructing and changing the taste of your water. The use manual that comes with the NHBX will outline exactly how to remove the sprayhead and insert the deliming spring.

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